Sinz cranks

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Sinz cranks

Postby benungar » 12 Dec 2015, 14:26

Anyone on here ever owned a pair of Sinz cranks? debating getting some but don't recall anyone ever using them? Would mainly like to know how they are on a stiffness point of view compared to DXR's. Thanks, Ben
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Re: Sinz cranks

Postby bigpimp347 » 12 Dec 2015, 23:28

from personal opinion,
Sinz are nothing special, it's a brand mostly, the brakes are actually Tektro breaks, not sure who the cranks are but they're only basic entry level stuff..
DXR are way overpriced for what they are, nothing special just built purposely for BMX,
on paper Saint's are lighter than DXR's..
and depending on your weight and skill level there's nothing wrong with shimano Deores, Zee's Hove's, XTR's and such..
i run Deores on all my bikes, been buying them for like £10 and £15 a set used, very light, no flex or bends and 'if' they break no loss..recently swapped my saints for some XTR and the weight different was nearly half..!! and saints are lighter than DXR's..!!
so if you want lightweight cranks XTR are light and strong, Zee are light and made strong, Deore are lighter and have less strength in their design.

all depending what you want and how much money you have to waste there loads and loads of external BB hollow axle cranks out there that in my opinion are lighter and a damn sight cheaper than DXR,
if you want the badge and want to 'fit in' get DXR
you want stuff as good, lighter and a lot cheaper there's loads to choose from..
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