Neck braces

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Neck braces

Postby freefunk » 07 Dec 2015, 09:34

Keen to hear peoples views on the use of neck braces.

There are lots of posts here, and elsewhere on line - and it seems arguments for and against. It also seems that some of the arguments against (collar bone breaks, transfer of load to spine etc), may be less valid now with the new designs..

I have looked at Leatt and EVS R4 as options, but keen to hear anyone's experiences. My son would be happy to wear one, as previously played ice hockey so used to getting padded up. So its really more a case of what's best and what to look for.

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Re: Neck braces

Postby theberminator » 17 Jun 2016, 17:28

iv tried 4 types of neck brace , 2 types of leat, dbx and moto type,the alpine stars bionic and a evs neck roll,i found for dh and bmx thay restrict me to much and push on the back of my helmet annoying me and braking my consentration on rideing,especially for dh when going down steep sections hanging off the back of the bike with your shoulders pushing upwards,pushing up the brace and making your helmet roll forward abit ,even with the body strapping up tight pulling the brace down.for motocross i ended up with the evs neck roll for its slimmer desighn at the back and light weight, I don't think the rigid plasticness off the leatt types are a good thing thay just transfer load to other places,i think soft sponge flexabilty is better,if you have a massive off its down to lady luck and you abilty to bail, no armour, brace or helmet can protect you fully , if it makes you feel safer it can be a good thing thow, just my 2p s worth
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