HELP with race bmx bike specs for 8 year old

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HELP with race bmx bike specs for 8 year old

Postby hippychic » 08 Jun 2015, 15:18

My son is 8 years old, 52 inches tall. What size frame should be be racing on? He has currently been racing since January 2015 on a 18.5TT Junior. We have 20 1/8" tires and 155mm cranks. We change out the chainwheels depending on the different tracks but generally rides a 40/16. Since January, he has averaged around 2nd-3rd place at local races, 6th for 3 of the nationals we have been to so far, and has gotten 3 1st place at local races depending on the competition that race. I know a lot of this doesnt matter too much and it's sometimes difficult to say what to ride without seeing him on the bike but I believe this is information to try to help determine the right sizes for him. In my opinion, he looks good on the bike. We are always striving to find the right parts to help him succeed. Next investment will be carbon fiber forks to help lighten his bike, he currently has a carbon fiber prodigy rim on the back.
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Re: HELP with race bmx bike specs for 8 year old

Postby Duc750 » 11 Jun 2015, 15:56

I'm new to this BMX stuff so take what I say with a pinch of salt but have a background in other two wheeled forms of racing - with a motor and human powered. Every time you change something on a bike it feels different. If you make too many changes its quite unsettling for a rider/driver and they never perform at they're best until they get used to the change. It is possible you could be changing too much too often and as a result he's never truly "comfortable" on the bike. Kids definitely adapt quicker but I'd think this could be a factor.

In terms of other stuff you've not mentioned wheels and tyres. reductions in weight here will make a big difference (more than forks) as they will improve ability to change direction, acceleration and general handling (rotational mass and gyroscopic effect)

Just a thought or two.
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