661 body armour

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661 body armour

Postby dandosdad » 22 Mar 2015, 19:44

I need a little advice

My lad has just taken up BMX racing. Following an off yesterday which hurt him I've decided if he wants to continue its time for some body armour. :shock: good job his mum wasn't there :roll:

I've seen a 661 pressure suit on the chain reaction website. It's described as Youth in either medium or large size.
Size guide even on the 661 site is not clear.

He's 9 normal height /build. Any one have any advice size wise or had experience with the 661 stuff

Thanks in advance

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Re: 661 body armour

Postby pikey098 » 22 Mar 2015, 20:48

Hi mate just got my girl the same 661 sub gear the size we got was spot on she is 11 and and got her a xtra small and it only cost £20 so I think it's a win win all round
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Re: 661 body armour

Postby ChrisCarter » 22 Mar 2015, 23:00

I don't know about the size, but I'm happy to vouch for the quality. I'm 45 and I've used a 661 pressure suit body armour for two seasons now and it's worked well for me. Good protection and the back shell is really beefy. It was a bit weird when I first wore it as I'd never used body armour before, but I don't even notice it now.
Hope that helps.
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Re: 661 body armour

Postby Duc750 » 15 May 2015, 21:50

In a similar position as the op is the stuff chain reaction sell any good? The brand x one?
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Re: 661 body armour

Postby dandosdad » 20 May 2015, 20:38

As an update we bought the 661 pressure suit. I bought the medium youth and it fitted him OK. I would say a bit loose around the shoulders but hey he has a little growing room.

At first he was aware he had it on but now after a few weeks he doesn't notice it. Its saved him from knocks bangs and gravel rash a few times.

I would certainly recommend. :D
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