A must watch

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A must watch

Postby morgy » 09 May 2012, 08:50

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Re: A must watch

Postby DomsDad » 10 May 2012, 21:59

I really enjoyed that. Reminds me of the bikes we used to get with French holiday rental properties. They never caught up with us to pay for damage. Theyd be wrecked after a fortnight.
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Re: A must watch

Postby Smartihawk » 19 May 2012, 22:57

Notice right at the beginning when he jumps and the whole frame implodes and bends in on itself, then he fixes it by bending it right back and welding a brace on it...... No prizes for guessing what the frame material is made of!!!!!!!!

I'd love to see you do that with an Aluminium frame.

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