BMX Bike legal racetrack requirements

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BMX Bike legal racetrack requirements

Postby Smartihawk » 20 Feb 2012, 10:54

Are there any legal requirements that your bicycle has to satisfy before attending an official BMX race?

Like say for example in a 20" bike race, could you ride ANY bicycle which has two 20" wheels, regardless of dimensions of the bicycle frame?

I was just curious because I'm building a Black Market MOB frame 21.25TT, and I'm seriously thinking of putting Aerospoke 20" wheels onto it, just as an experiment, I dunno, to see how it will end up.

The rear hub is MTB spacing which is 135mm, and the 20" Aerospokes are designed for recumbents, haha. And up front I'm putting a short MTB 420mm PACE RC31 fork, which is 2cm shorter than a normal MTB fork, and at 100mm spacing, will take the front 20" Aerospoke wheel as well.

For the bars, I'm putting Answer Protaper carbon bars (for the time being) which have a 2 inch rise and a 720mm width (28.35")

So would this bike be legal at a BMX race?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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