2016 British BMX Series from Telford

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2016 British BMX Series from Telford

Postby Rossiblevs » 02 Aug 2016, 06:38

In case you haven't seen (or you don't use) Facebook in the last day or two, specifically the British BMX Series Page, I'll be using Facebook Live to stream the A and B finals from Rounds 11 & 12 this weekend.

Having tried the FB Live facility at the Blackpool National, it was fairly good (although not a patch on the lads from the Euro's & SX coverage), and everyone seems to like option to watch it through Facebook. It's the best option we have currently and I'll be doing my best to catch as much action as I can.

Hope you've enjoyed the social media content on the Page this year. James Tresman and I have been on a mission to add new content and ideas at each of the race weekends. The Reach of the Posts has increased dramatically (96,000 after Blackpool) and we're trying to find the perfect race weekend social media formula for 2017 and beyond. There's still loads of ideas floating around and we hope you've enjoyed the work to date. Commentator interviews, rider interviews, Live stream, slo-mo footage and behind the scenes photography are all still in the mix.

In the meantime though, hope to see you at Telford, and if not, enjoy the Facebook Live footage. Cheers, Ross Blevins

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