Indoor race commentator

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Indoor race commentator

Postby Trilogy » 18 Jan 2015, 20:26

Any one noticed this as I have now a couple of times, the commentator they use for the indoor winter series doesn't seem to be that interested in the lower ranked or younger age groups races and seems to only wake up and get a bit more excited when the elites or riders he knows are on track. My son and his friends ( all under 10's)ask who's the commentator as they love Simon who does the North region races, he is enthusiastic from the young novices right through to the elites and the kids notice how he gets the crowd going.
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Re: Indoor race commentator rubbish

Postby thetruth » 18 Jan 2015, 21:35

i think his good especially at the finale stages he focuses on the battle for the 4th spot where the action is not a lot of people want to know about the battle between 7th and 8th in the semi finale
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Re: Indoor race commentator rubbish

Postby bigpimp347 » 19 Jan 2015, 09:15

not sure but some commentators do this free, i suppose if you want to pay for a professional then you could.
i know they had mic problems, and the early moto's are not as important as semi's and finals,
but they do a great job, you try standing up for 5 hours, trying to watch a race, read the plate numbers and whilst trying to read the moto sheets too,
i don't suppose it's that easy for new or younger riders easier for those you know and have seen a few years..

cut him some slack..

i bet your a parent who stands on the side shouting 'pedal, pump, faster' if you can do any better do it..!!
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Re: Indoor race commentator rubbish

Postby juleskes » 19 Jan 2015, 15:03

I don't normally post on here but think it's bang out of order to slag someone off in the BMX community on a public forum.

Personally I couldn't disagree more......Rich Eames is an absolute legend. He is a fantastic commentator and a thoroughly decent bloke who is well respected throughout the North region and across the Bmx world. Anybody who knows anything about the sport will tell you the same. He is great with all ages in all classes and of all abilities and always does his best to make the event as exciting as possible and a success, whether it is at a National Round, the World Championships.......or at a club race at Mid Lancs on a Sunday in the middle of winter!

I know everybody is entitled to their opinion but unfortunately yours is wrong!
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Re: Indoor race commentator rubbish

Postby NorthernMonkey » 19 Jan 2015, 15:15

Hey Trilogy,

I'm open to sensible, constructive feedback from anyone (Key words here are 'sensible' and 'constructive')

If you have a problem, please feel free to find me at the next round in February and have a word in person rather than slating me on a public forum. I'm not a difficult guy to track down, most people know who I am and where I can be found. You can even DM me on here if you'd like to arrange a get together to discuss your concerns. I won't address them here as I think these things are better dealt with in person, I'm happy to have a chat if you'd like one.

Have a nice day.

Rich Eames - Commentator
Bikes, coffee, life, laughter. Job done.
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Re: Indoor race commentator rubbish

Postby vVvVv » 19 Jan 2015, 15:41

not often i post on ere but what juleskes said ^^, Rich is one of the best commentators we have in the sport, end of.
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Re: Indoor race commentator rubbish

Postby Rubberduck » 19 Jan 2015, 16:46


Your their with your son having fun right? Rich was their to commentate everyone's children accept HIS OWN!

At the next indoor race for which I am attending, why don't you leave your son at home and commentate?


PLEASE don't look at this thread again, we all love you and your commentary DON'T CHANGE A THING!
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Re: Indoor race commentator rubbish

Postby Moorey » 19 Jan 2015, 18:18

We hardly ever respond to a posting on here but this is an exception because Rich is an exceptional guy.
Rich, please don't change a thing, we love what you do :)
The Moore family.
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Re: Indoor race commentator rubbish

Postby Phill » 19 Jan 2015, 19:03

Trilogy wrote:Any one noticed this


You need twelve eyes to do that job and he is one of, if not the best.
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Re: Indoor race commentator rubbish

Postby kevtheslice » 19 Jan 2015, 20:09

Watch any of the many video clips on you tube etc from yesterday and other rounds of indoor. As always, great work by the commentary team.

Maybe the guy who started the thread was over the road at the Etihad instead?
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Re: Indoor race commentator

Postby stimo » 19 Jan 2015, 21:37

to be honest mate you must be a newbie ? Rich is a really nice person and works hard to do his job on race day and make it enjoyable not just for the racers but the adults aswell . YOU TRY DOING WHAT rich does for the time he does and rememeber he has to read the number plates and read the race sheets at the same time .He also has to remember to speak !!!!! multitasking You have to remember 2 races sometimes 3 races on track in one go !!!!!!!Go and see him in person.Try doing his job at a national and let us see you in action!!!!!.
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Re: Indoor race commentator

Postby bigpimp347 » 19 Jan 2015, 22:05

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yet no apology :( or reply...
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Re: Indoor race commentator

Postby Trilogy » 19 Jan 2015, 22:51

Firstly I should not have put rubbish in the title hence the edit,No apology for having an opinion though, isn't that what a forum is for to express opinion? I'm certain Rich is a good guy and I'm not saying he isn't but I stand by my opinion on what I've observed, if any one read the post it clearly was me comparing him to another commentator and my children's preference for the other commentator and not a personal attack on rich himself. I'm certain with the loyal following Rich has it won't matter
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Re: Indoor race commentator

Postby FC123 » 20 Jan 2015, 13:54

I don't know Rich in any way apart from a guy who gives his time on race days...and he doesn't know MY son who is far from one of the top riders in his age group, 11/12. One thing I do notice is that Rich mentions him everytime..and especially moto 3 on Sunday when my son was in the top 3 for a change and Rich (who doesn't know my son remember) made it very clear and sounded VERY ENTHUSIASTIC on the efforts that he was making. Thanks for your time fella.
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Re: Indoor race commentator

Postby bigpimp347 » 20 Jan 2015, 14:03

i got a couple of mentions sunday,
one comment well two made me laugh,
i have never raced manchester, and never outside the midlands region.

but even for us crap masters he gave us a few words..
does a great job can't fault him..
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Re: Indoor race commentator

Postby bicycleworks » 20 Jan 2015, 21:30

if you want Rich to mention you get a spare glove and write your sons name on it then lose it trust me works everytime :D :D
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Re: Indoor race commentator

Postby Johnny » 22 Jan 2015, 21:35

Can I assume you're referring to the same Simon that doesn't commentate on all races so we know what it's like to watch a race without a commentator

Keep up the great work Rich !!!!!
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