suppliers being rubbish

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suppliers being rubbish

Postby motomagII » 02 Jan 2015, 20:54

so before xmas i ordered a new back wheel from winstanleys site online was in stock and in the colour i wanted .got email 3 days later out of stock rng tyo sort out .I rang them and asked for refund they said yep 3 days .i waited a week nothing waited another 3 days rang and chased it and gor refund that day so 10m days later back to square one .I couldnt afford another wheel till the monies were in my accout from refund by now it was xmas so my present to myself would have to wait.winstanleys selling goods not in stock i though no change there then.
So last week i went to alans bmx site totally reliable but bit more expensive by 20.00 i bit the bullet placed my order few days ago .|\\got home tonite checked my email and again email saying out of stock do you want a different colour or another wheel but it will be more expensive again the wheel was in stock on ordering the item .
so 4 weeks later still no wheel and i will be waiting 3 days or more for refund again from alans
Is the trade going down the pan can online shops not have stock sell it and deliver the goods whats wrong with them? If i dealt with my customers like this id be out of a job traight away
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Re: suppliers being rubbish

Postby JonTheBassist » 03 Jan 2015, 11:23

I was pretty surprised to see so many BMXers 'liking' Winstanleys' Facebook statuses and giving them publicity considering how they seem to let so many BMXers down (if all the reports are true).
I've used Alan's only a couple of times, and the service has been fine.
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Re: suppliers being rubbish

Postby bully69 » 03 Jan 2015, 16:54

Wouldn't of happened back in the day... Phonecall to shop... Job done
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Re: suppliers being rubbish

Postby rich_camm » 03 Jan 2015, 21:38

what wheel did you want?
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Re: suppliers being rubbish

Postby wingman » 07 Jan 2015, 14:39

I have bought a few things from Winstanleys and have to say, never had a problem and received the stuff the very next day!

You might want to consider that shops wont have the funds to buy every single item from their suppliers and then hold them all hoping that someone will eventually buy whatever it is but I do agree that they should not be advertising items as being in stock if indeed they are not in stock.

It also messes up further if the suppliers are waiting for thier stock to arrive from whoever before sending it out to the shops and then on to yourself.

I always call rather than rely on the web page.

Cheers mate.
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Re: suppliers being rubbish

Postby motomagII » 11 Jan 2015, 10:43

got from sourcevin end cult rear cassette wheel
in red
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Re: suppliers being rubbish

Postby Crucialbmx » 14 Jan 2015, 13:33

You could always support a rider owned rider ran company like ourselves. If you can't see it on the site call me and i won't lie.... i will tell you the time for delivery step by step from the distro to your door!


You ever need anything let me know boss!

Have a great year!

Danny @ CrucialBMX
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Re: suppliers being rubbish

Postby monkeymoped » 16 Jan 2015, 10:56

i've used winstanleys in the past for bmx and mtb but only when as the very last resort when everywhere else is out of stock to ride/race at weekends and had nothing but problems and they always messed me about i would've been better off having a weekend off and they have caused me some grief as well
i wouldn't recommend any one using them i hate saying negative things about bike shops but they do take the biscuit
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