Rare Frames.what you got?

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Postby brummie » 10 Mar 2005, 07:49

Hi Jas Not only did Chris give the Eagles plenty of advice he lent us the floodlights from Wheels for our 'famous'race in the November mud.
You guys are making me feel a really old lady but stirring up great memories especially of Derby champs 1983,Sorry Dale. Berta.
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Postby brummie » 10 Mar 2005, 07:50

Sorry ,the memories not what it used to be should have said 1984.
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Postby kelloggs » 10 Mar 2005, 07:59

Never mind you feeling old Berta, the last time I saw some of these riders they were smaler than my kids are now! I do remember camping on the car park at Derby that year, the club had a good weekend with Derick and Lloyd winning. Sound like an old man now,

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Postby Simon » 10 Mar 2005, 11:23

Ok Jas I do sort of remember some mates of Steve's, I did see his face a while back now :roll: :wink: and that brought back memories of him from the team and the track, do you speak to him or not ?

Howdy Berta
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Postby emmdub » 11 Mar 2005, 10:24

These frames you mention are really rare !!
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Postby MRD-LLOYD » 11 Mar 2005, 10:55

MRD Pro Series F+F, owned from new. Great Condition still got all the bits to rebuild as a genuine old school race bike. Consider selling it !!!!!! Very rare now. MRD only made 250 frames in total.
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rare frames

Postby chriskelley » 06 Apr 2005, 04:54

I have what I believe to be the only ssp stryker left. They were made in Evansville IN. in I think 1981. they made only a few and they were made of aluminum and they had problems with them breaking. So we bought I think the last one and had it heat treated and I raced it for 2 years. it has a 70# weight limit
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RE: rare frames

Postby stidds » 06 Apr 2005, 11:35

This is posted on http://www.radbmx.co.uk but this is my rare frame, one of the 1st Mongoose Pro Classes built.

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Postby chriskelley » 06 Apr 2005, 13:39

i have a 1976 16 inch redline square tube pit bike. who else has one of these?
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Rare Frames

Postby oldmankev » 07 Apr 2005, 15:37

I got a Robinson not sure of age, there is a plate welded to side of seatpost tube with Robinson signature on, also states HANDCRAFTED IN USA. anyone know if this is rare?
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Postby garywallis » 17 Apr 2005, 19:01

Stidds that Pro Class is a thing of beauty!
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Postby harley » 21 Apr 2005, 16:19

ive got a diamondback turbo lite complete,
skyway ta on ebay at the moment,
mongoose californian
torker pro xl
curtis cruiser
jmc cruiser
gt pro series

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Postby rich_camm » 22 Apr 2005, 05:42

no old profile stuff mate?
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Postby evesham » 07 May 2005, 15:40

I got half a titanium 20" !

the front half, was never completed if anyone wants it ?

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Postby JON016847 » 28 Jul 2005, 10:09

I have a few rare frames, here are a couple fo real rare ones

1. JMC Justin Roos Mini - Only 54 made
2. JMC MM - Only 89 made

Jon W

JMC Rules !
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Rare Frames.what you got?

Postby tim » 29 Jul 2005, 21:34

THOMBSIE wrote:does anyone remember the frames that were made up at birmingham wheels?not sure if they were for general sale or they just made a batch for team riders,be intersted to know if any of them were still knocking about.had a couple of the mini frames but there long gone now.

Just to let you guys know i put a Birmingham Wheels frame and forks on ebay at the start of the week it ends on wednesday i think!

They were available to the public. I can remember a bike test in Racer and Freestyler when they rated the frame and forks quite highly.

Most famous team member was Anthony Sewel American Pro.
Raced for Wheels on the Kelloges and a season of proclass.

My Frame and Forks were also raced on the Kelloges by a Girl who rode for Wheels, Need to watch the video again to refresh the old brain as i can't remember her name.
Bike was brought from her at the Children in need race at Sennlys Park. 87 ish?
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Re: Rare Frames.what you got?

Postby dinglem » 13 Dec 2013, 05:34

Hey - sorry to open up an old thread... has anybody got any more information on the Birmingham Wheels frames by any chance? (...or any stashed away that they might like to sell?)

I'm after size info more than anything else. I believe they did a Mini, Standard, Long and XL. I am trying to work out which frame i have as i have one that i am restoring currently. There is very little info out there on them. I believe there is an advert in the programme for the 83 Euro's at Brum Wheels if anybody has a copy of that? Bit of a long-shot i know....

Cheers - any info or contacts appreciated 8)

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Re: Rare Frames.what you got?

Postby Donor » 16 Dec 2013, 12:48

there a couple of dudes radbmx who should be able to help answer this. :)
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Re: Rare Frames.what you got?

Postby Hopesy » 19 Dec 2013, 22:50

I've got a Bandito cruiser. Only one I ever saw then or now
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Re: Rare Frames.what you got?

Postby Bones619 » 27 Jan 2014, 06:42

I have an '83 Schwinn Thrasher which is pretty rare in the UK. Also have an MCS Hurricane Mini Cruiser, serious hens teeth this one!

If anyone has a set of Old School 24" Skinny wheels I'd love to hear from you!!
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