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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby TerrySmith » 07 Oct 2011, 03:46

Raleigh Extra burner Red and White! Raced my first race on it at Gosport. Finished 5th. That was about the highlight of my career :roll:
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby Leealexander » 18 Nov 2011, 21:21

Giant 250 with pedal back brake - I couldn't even lift it!
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby kuwahara » 18 Nov 2011, 21:34

1980 Purchased at halfords a Team Murray 330 red and chrome Looked mint for the day remember it cost £99.00 a lot in the day
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby familyguy » 20 Dec 2011, 15:31

1982 Diamond Back Silver Streak, it had a hard life :P
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby bernification » 28 Dec 2011, 02:25

Saw a kid at school on a bmx, and wanted one straight away. I think about the same time I had seen BMXA when delivering newspapers.

Every bike I had up until that point had been tortured and melted- snapped a chopper jumping in a crazy golf course. Another kid at school was selling a 'Mudcruncher' (never seen the name before or since). He wanted £25. It was a peice of shit with a navel high bb and super short tt. Asked my parents if I could buy it, and they said 'sure, when you save the money'. Didn't tell them I already had.

Destroyed it in less than a couple of months, but loved riding and got an ultra burner when they first came out. Loved that bike (but, nevertheless, tortured it till it's death).

Got through soooo many bikes in those early days. They were rubbish (but I did love riding them).
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby Bones619 » 01 Sep 2012, 07:43

Falcon Pro Zeta was my first BMX in 1983.........I still have a Zeta now an NOS one!
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby 80sCasual » 08 Sep 2012, 11:12

No pics as the familly dident have a camera back then, but a blue 1979 raleigh rampar absolutly loved that thing.
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby Spen123 » 17 Sep 2012, 19:22

I hav no pics for specifics but it was a 80s Raleigh burner I think,
Yellow tyres, mags and pad set, can't remember what happened to it but I'm now looking for my first bmx since then!
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby Thewhole10meters » 22 Sep 2012, 23:35

Diamondback viper Christmas 84, got 5th in gosport club champs in 85 then won in 86 on my beautiful white-hawk...loved that bike! Had various bikes since (2x s&m, couple of hyper metro frames, schwinn enf, avent factor 20" & 2x cruiser, dingo cruiser, dialled mx20 an a gt ultrabox) but still have the fondest memories and best results on my whitehawk...Mick whitlock certainly knew how to build a frame!
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby Minecraft » 06 Jan 2013, 15:12

1981/2 Xmas pressie, DB silver streak, moved onto Hutch's in 83.....quality :D
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby bully69 » 06 Jan 2013, 22:13

Who remember DMX,s ! I then had a huffy 346 ? Was red n yellow I think . Then my baby..... Raleigh areo pro burner..... I loed that bike :?
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby StuDixon » 08 Jan 2013, 18:22

Never brought the BMX bug at first,I was happy jumping as much on my old grifter,until I got my Team Murray from a lad down the road,£15....weighed an absolute ton.....almost as much as the grifter!! :oops:
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby wingman » 04 Feb 2013, 22:33

Got my first BMX from BMX Superstore in Plymouth around 30 years ago (!)

It was a Diamond Back Viper. The very first time I rode it was from the car park outside my house up to my house (less than 30 metres) and my right foot came off the beartrap pedal and into my shin :cry:

I tried to show to my Mum that I was OK, but blood started pouring out through my jeans and off to hospital I went :lol:

Still have the nice scar on my shin.... :D
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby 750Rush » 12 Feb 2013, 21:33

My parents thought a 20" BMX was too small for a 9 year old so bought me a 24" Falcon Beta. I soon swapped it for a Mk1 Raleigh Night Burner and fitted shimano pedals, MX brakes, CW bars and Mongoose Californian padset. I always wanted a layback post but never fitted one in the hope I would get a mongoose - but I never did.

I raced it at Bexhill Burners in 1985, plate 267, but always came last but one or two. My birthday is end of Nov and all the other racers were bigger than me on lighter bikes with skinny wheels and sponsorship! I'll dig some pics out and post them.

The Night Burner got sold for £30 on a fruit farm where I worked summers to fund petrol money for my new sport of white water slalom canoeing. I competed internationally in that but wish I'd have kept my burner, expecially the mongoose padset that my Mum sold at a boot sale for one pound as it was supposedly taking up space in the garage after I had moved out!

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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby izombie717 » 15 Feb 2013, 20:30

mine was a standard red mk1 burner

but i did change a few things
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby karlos900 » 11 Mar 2013, 13:52

Mine was ........whisper it - a WMX silver and red. Loved it for 5 mins until all my mates said it stood for womens moto x. I was gutted. It weighed a ton and had awful geometry too. I then harped on to my parents that i wanted another one. They told me to win a race first. Won my next race at Corfe Mullen and got a Diamond Back - Silver Streak. Loved that bike :) then went on to have I dont know how many through swapping and buying second hand bits of mates.
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby oleskool » 17 May 2013, 19:35

some great stories and pictures right here!
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby Simon@DBS » 13 Jun 2013, 10:33

sold my raleigh winner to buy one of these

Think it was £84 from Halfords got it on thursday destroyed the back wheel on saturday. Three breaks of the cotter p9in cranks later I had and aero night burner for Christmas
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby JoeKF » 14 Oct 2013, 19:12

A Mongoose Minigoose, 1980ish. Back peddle brake only. No front brake, looked great, minimal! Pain in the back side trying to get peddles level at the start gate though! Loved it, but grew out of it. Still have replacement; a prototype Mongoose badged up as a Racers Inc Super-X. Loved the bike and couldn't ever get rid of it. Needs some serious renovation though!
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby dinglem » 23 Aug 2014, 14:32

SuperTUFF Burner for me. Father Christmas bought it for me.... loved that bike and still have it! True survivor 8)
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