Your First Bmx

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Your First Bmx

Postby johnnylongtime » 03 Dec 2010, 15:05

This is me in 1980 on my Huffy Pro Thunder with a coaster brake! Lets see yours. Please be kind with the comments.
Johnny Heather

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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby barrygallacher » 04 Dec 2010, 03:00

a huffy is pritty decent my first was one of them BH bmx 2000s red and white if you gave me it now i wouldent know if i should ride it or smoke it.
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby barrygallacher » 04 Dec 2010, 03:03

nice spider man look btw.
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby highlyunlikely » 04 Dec 2010, 16:33

A Supergoose 2, July 1981 from W.F. Holdsworth in Putney London £215 !!!!

Thanks Mum & Dad x. :D

Can still remember riding it home like it was yesterday!
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby hutchpro » 05 Dec 2010, 14:57

My first BMX was a moto1. I think that my mum got it from Kirkby market for £50. What a heavy piece of shit it was. I suppose it taught me how to ride, and jump though. I loved that bike, it was black n gold, with with grips that cut ur hands to fook. Used to clean it with pledge every night.

Found a couple of pictures of my later bikes, me on my Hutch Jr, NW Regional - Rochdale:


My Christmas present - 1985:

photo (1).JPG
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby davidlandy » 05 Dec 2010, 17:24

i had a puch murray from halfords when they first appeared. It was the red and chrome one....a 330???

didnt take long to trash it - starting with the stem, bent the one piece crank and then cracked the frame.

then got a kuwahara from surrey skateboards.
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby ukdelinquent » 05 Dec 2010, 18:11

surrey theres a blast from the past....
Andy O
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby spike » 25 Jan 2011, 11:22

BMX Magnum, black with gold rims & components. 1979 I think it was. I bought it off a school friend who wasn't into BMX at all, saved up my paper round money & xmas tips to buy it!!!
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby DYLANBMX1 » 16 Feb 2011, 19:56

Really cheap Ironhorse from my mum’s catalogue with yellow mag wheels! Won my first races on it and moved to Robinson Pro with proclass wheels then onto the awesome JMC Darrell Young!
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby stimo » 17 Feb 2011, 18:44

My first bmx was a falcon pro theta (well i had to start somewhere) then i build a cherry red jmc darryl young also had the cherry dy bars with pro class wheels because a friend was nt using them. elina seat mushroom grips dia compe rear brake shimano dx s and sugino three piece cranks which another friend was nt using .Good friends are hard to come by nowadays .
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby stimo » 17 Feb 2011, 18:47

I have bought my 6 year old joel a 2010 redline flight junior bmx for this year as a first bike .He doing his first regional next month.
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby hinesy » 26 Feb 2011, 19:57

Wish I had some pics but my 1st was also a BH in blue. No chrome anywhere which gutted me! Must have been 80 or 81 I guess.

Got into it & managed to break the frame at the headtube, that got me a Silver Fox - remember those from the really nice ads in BMXAB?

That got me through the first full season or so...then came the JMC Shadow Pro courtesy of HotWheels. What a bike!

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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby 58delray » 27 Feb 2011, 11:25

blue team murray in late 80, then a goose in 81then an Ace and a pk ripper in 82 gen 1 haro early in 83 then a long list through to 86
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby Monkey » 08 Mar 2011, 21:45

Diamond Back Silver Streak, followed by a Harry Leary Turbo, various GT's (a chrome one, a White one and a PINK one), a Torker 280, Haro Freestyler and the same Lazerlite as you Jonnylongtime!!!
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby johntwitchen » 10 Mar 2011, 00:41

Mine was a 1979 (oh yes!) Puch Murray.

Spelling may need correcting, but I think that's right?

Then factory Nishiki, which was a very nice bike.

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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby hodson » 10 Mar 2011, 20:30

Mine was the Raleigh Burner. The red one with yellow snake belly tyres. I loved that bike. Still love them to this day (wish i had kept it), moved on after that to the Ultra Burner (black and gold). Started racing on that before getting a Tioga Rhino 3 and then the Redline. Still have both of these. Hodson
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby bahamablue » 09 Apr 2011, 20:50

I wasn't allowed one at first, so I bought some chrome bmx 'conversion' forks for my Grifter! It weighed a chuffing tonne, but with three gears I could wind it up to a ballistic speed and get pretty major air. First proper bike was a pro-burner in 83 / 84 which I raced at Gosport and virtually lived in Southsea Skatepark. Happy days.
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby DannyB » 19 Apr 2011, 21:27

Raleigh mini burner in blue.. had my first race in 83 on it :)
Member of the 1980's Wellingborough Wildcats BMX team and Peterborough Pirates BMX Team
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby mixit09 » 23 Aug 2011, 21:00

mine was a black cycle pro with red ogk mags,brought from shop in east st center southampton,had to ride it home over itchen bridge,done me right in,but thanks mum
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Re: Your First Bmx

Postby krautrocks » 09 Sep 2011, 13:17

A candy red/black no name BMX from the store for 199,- Deutsche Mark.

I wanted it so much, i saved up all my pocket money for it. Took me nearly a year till parents took pity on me and payed the rest.

Yes, this heavy chunk of steel was my first bike, not one of these nowadays high end super-duper mini bikes. Was much too big and heavy for me, but i didn´t care. i came from the dirty street. I was a nothing. But with this first bike (and later many others) i worked up all my way to German Elite.

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