Monkey of out there?We raced in 1978.

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Monkey of out there?We raced in 1978.

Postby Whitnall88 » 15 Jul 2014, 16:34

Ayup.mik here.i live in london now,but was born in Doncaster.i started riding back in 1978 on a team Murray that was as strong as a breadstick.i hung around with this lad who's nickname was monkey,he also had a team Murray breadstick,and even back then he was parents didn't support my ridding"hobby",but his dad used to take him to race meets up n down the country,and every now n then I went with was amazing seeing all the other kids into the same thing.this may sound wierd,but freestyle didn't really exist as a bmx genre in its own rite,but between moto,s people would do stuff.i remember seeing a guy doing a rollback down the start ramp,and everyone freaking out.we went on a couch trip to a race somewhere,I remember it was indoors,and that it was at the end of the season,as they were giving out trophys.the air thick with hair lacquer from people spraying it on there tyres to stop you skiding,apparently,anyway,I kept riding on n off till I was 14, then music took over.i moved to london in 92 and started ridding again in the mid ninetys and heard on the grapevine that monkey was still ridding,and doing very well.i started ridding again recently,I'm still in bands too,but wondered if anyone knows,or if indeed monkey himself is out there.if you are,giz a pm,cheers all,whitnall88
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