wanted sidehacks, advice and your experience's

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wanted sidehacks, advice and your experience's

Postby mazman » 17 Feb 2014, 19:58

Hello ive posted a wanted ad on the fourm

I know there sn designs in bristol that make bolt on kits and impakt now have a uk distrabutor but I fancyed something second hand

ive always been interested in having a sidehack and now ive managed to convince even my gf its a good idea to get one and get this she even said she will monkey with me (I think thats a good thing)

so I wondered what are your experience's with sidehacks and sidehacking what side hacks you rode, where you rode them, if you rode more than one which one did you prefur?
is there much set up too them, when you took them to bmx track or was it more of a rag whatever you brung affair?

Please feel free to post photos or share this post with friends or others with side hacking memorys
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