pain in the back

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pain in the back

Postby jedspur » 23 Nov 2013, 10:43

After suffering the mother of all lower back spasms after some manualling through some rollers I thought id ask some questions and see if I can get some answers from fellow old skoolers. I have a history of lower back problems probably from various high impact sports, work and poor rehab when I was younger, we all thought we were
I stretch and strengthen, have regular physio but still have problems which I think I always will have, but im not ready to give up at 37 years old as my 5 year old has just started racing and riding with him is the best. what do you guys do to stretch before riding, strenghthen the lower back and core and care for our poor aged lower backs when they don't want to play any more? cheers.
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Re: pain in the back

Postby JonTheBassist » 23 Nov 2013, 11:01

First, you should be warming up before you stretch, and even then dynamic stretches (eg Lunges, Spotty Dogs) to get the range of movement going rather than held static stretches. The work you're doing on your back sounds good but make sure your hamstrings are warm and well stretched (in general, every time you ride or do fitness), as having long hamstrings is really important for effective manualling.

I personally find running the best for my core strength, especially on the front side; others prefer planks, crunches etc etc.

See 'Cyclist' for good dynamic stretches :wink:
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Re: pain in the back

Postby cyclist » 23 Nov 2013, 11:07

I'm just naturally stiff.
Warm up dynamically, ride, warm down, then stretch. :P
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