Who are the Old Schoolers

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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby deleteduser001 » 12 Dec 2003, 19:44

OK i been thinking about doing this for my site, login your name email address and years you raced. Then other oldschoolers can read your profile if you leave one and get in touch, loads of people ask me if i know so and so's email from back in the day, maybe this would be an easer and fun way. I,ll get the ball rolling
Dale Holmes age 32 raced from 82 - present time. best race off all time Pontins any year it was always a scream. email Daleholmesweb@aol.com
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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby Cyclecraft89 » 13 Dec 2003, 10:38

Cheryl Gamblin, 27, raced from 82 - 91.
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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby kanman » 13 Dec 2003, 13:03

OLLY KAN 82-87 back 02 age 35
yeah blood
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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby darren » 13 Dec 2003, 14:04

DARREN FLINT 84 - 87 , runnymede rockets & farnham .
back 04 30-39 cruiser. racing for andover!!!! :cool:

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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby rich_camm » 13 Dec 2003, 18:05

Rich Camm raced around 84ish to 89ish, did our own kelloggs at ilkeston track with dale, matt ryder, geth, chicken shooter, my bro andy, scott newman, steve trikett........ raced jmc daryll young and jmc shadow and curtis cruisers (the best)
also sponsored by thruster (bet no-one has one of them!!!!!)

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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby hudu » 13 Dec 2003, 19:28

Phil Charnley. Sheffield Bmx. 35. Raced from 1980 to present day!!!!! The age group of death (Tom Lynch, Lee Alexander, Tim Print, Daz O'Neal, Whoppa Watkins, Dave Morris, Rob Stobart, Ivan Bass, Kimbo Carbutt, Damon Parkinson etc etc...) Pro class 1987-1989, Superclass to 93.

Ride trails, parks, race, street, vert..... its all bmx to me!

Build tracks for a wage.

Pontins was always a crack. Derby NBMXA Btits at the Greyhound Stadium...top events!

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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby dubfreak » 14 Dec 2003, 18:35

james fagan -notts outlaws 82-86, raced in same age group has dale homles, simon blinkhorn, rob denman, simon tompson, craig doyle, mark massey, walter farrington, peter south, so many others but carn`t put names to faces, back then often had 1/8`s at reginals

brits at derby allways a highlight.

started back 2003 in 30-39 cruiser

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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby DMC » 15 Dec 2003, 11:47

Dereck cutler raced from 93-96 same class as stu diggins nat champ at the time member of the solent spitfires club another one whos traded the mountain bike in for a cruiser back to it in 04..
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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby Warlock » 15 Dec 2003, 19:13

Neil Stewart- raced Herne Bay Flyers and Buckmore Bats 83-87. raced All the others in my age but it was Dale and Anthony Howells who made my ringer go on the gate!!

Jamie Staff being the most local rider you might know now.

I might not be that old skool but got back into it in 1997 after watching Dale win the world title at Brighton. Just had to go out and get a bike straight away and realised it was harder to jump with 14 stone hanging round you and crashed heavily in my first race back, throwing up thru shock!!

Most memorable moment winning Herne Bay National in the pooring rain even though i raced novice at that time.
I still see Herne Bay listed as most hated track for some people!!

Favorite track was Surbiton with the water jump!!
Rode a Skyway Ta Chrome with 1 3/8 wheels and blue comp 3's.
My National Race number was 5099, only the big haro vent plate would take it!!

Now mixing it in 25+ and 30-39 cruiser.

Also known as The Warlock
The Warlock
You Know I got Style!!
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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby stockybmx » 16 Dec 2003, 06:22

Roy 'Sutty' Sutton

87-89 3 Sisters track in Ashton (near wigan), 2nd straight split off for 2 tracks.

The moved over to MTB's in me wilderness years.

Not really old school.
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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby AzusaKid » 17 Dec 2003, 17:44

Tim Gregory 35
First Raced in 82 indoors at Outwell equestrian centre.
Did the National series from 83 -87.
Same age group as Craig Scofield and Jason Maloney.
Founded Norwich Flyers Bmx Club and track in 83.
People I mostly rode with back in the day were Dean Scott-Webb, Martin Cracknel ,Scott Newton and Steve Williams.
Rode off and on in the nineties and then found oldschoolbmx.com (forerunner of vintagebmx.com) and got hooked on collecting oldschool bikes. That got me back into riding and am now back at it in the 30/39's and will be doing the whole national series in 04.
If you don't know who I am I'm the geezer with the red Azusa cruiser (JMC replica kinda thing ).

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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby Flying_Fox » 18 Dec 2003, 08:32

Miles Kirby age 30, Raced for Ray's Radicals (milton Keynes) 83-89 in the other age group of death (Jamie Staff, Nathan Lunn, Chris Bennett etc..) Made a come back last season riding for the Hawks flat pedal posse. I've got a younger sister Lisa-Jane who raced from 84 till about 87.
I've been speaking to another old Ray's Rads rider Mat Wickham (any one remember him? Bloody fast back in the day!) and he's on about doing the 30-40 cruiser thing, so if your in that age group watch out if he's back. :P
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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby Hilly » 18 Dec 2003, 16:17

Alan Hill, Age 31.
First race, Outwell Mill Lodge (Wisbech) in 83.
Raced NBMXA regionals and nationals from 85 against Revs, Nicky Restall, Barry Greenfield, Nigel Page, Paul Jones, Scott Blunden, Andy Chesham, Keith Bryceland and Jeremy Kenning.
Best memories are riding non stop from friday night till sunday afternoon at nationals exploring new towns and places to ride.
Won my first national on cruiser at Redcar in 86 passing Tony Baldwin down the last straight (my trademark).
Turned superclass at 16 in 89 (weighing 9 stone!) working my way up the field to a national win at Bideford in 98.
Still mixing it with kids 10 years younger in superclass and now have my sights set on euro and world titles in 30-34 cruiser class.

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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby niki » 18 Dec 2003, 17:01

nicola spiers (sitch) stared riding jan1st 1985 to present, stared on a £100 hawk bmx from woolworths, that year made the brits at the greyhound stadium derby. next year go a maximum xl from hotwheels had a ragliegh pro race, pk ripper, floval flyer, ballistic, now a freeagent cruiser.
most memoral race; the brits at the greyhound stadium, the atomsphere was amazing 1000+ riders also sitting on top of the nbmxa bus with world champ sara jane nicholls.
heros: sara jane nicolls, rachel holmes (where are they now)
does anyone remember the vincent frames team?
also many good memories of travelling abroad with the likes of brian iddon, malcom webb, and many more.

now married with a little boy

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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby Mal__G » 19 Dec 2003, 18:06

Mal Gilliatt - 35yrs old
Raced Humberside Heroes at Grasby quarry (opposite the Cross Keys pub) in the old East Region 81/2 to 84.
Never did much Nationals unless they were at Grasby or Grimsby but raced a lot of regionals.
Raced with Gav "Bike Vids" Foster alot and hung about with Mark (Skyway) White and the other MW Racing gang. Still see Mark, last time was two days ago. He's going to race when he goes into 40+ in a couple of years.
Rode trails/park for a few years with Jonty Maw before coming back to racing. Still ride regular with Chris Stanforth and the other G*Y*P*O gang.

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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby Gav » 19 Dec 2003, 21:40

Does that mean that i started back in 81 ??? Now i suddenly feel all old school , Ah well 20+ years & still not grown out of it .

Gav (Ex Humberside Heroes , Now Mid Lancs)
former keeper of www.bikevideos.org.uk !
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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby Rubberduck » 22 Dec 2003, 14:20

James Christie, 32 years old

started racing in 1979 (I think) - 1986, Member of Solent Spitfires and Gosport BMX Club

Only raced people like Daryl Wheeler, Anthony Howell's, Ian Gamblin, Jason o'keffe at regional leval. Since giving it up I raced cars and rose up the ranks to Historic Grand Prix Car Racing and then decided to get married!!!!!

Started racing 30 - 39 cruiser in 2003

looking forward to an injury free season!!

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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby martinjb » 22 Dec 2003, 15:28

Martin Baxter

82-86 raced at Folkestone, Herne Bay and Buckmore in my youth on a Silverfox that my dad got from Trevs in Folkestone for a few cases of yoghurts and cheese !!!

Resurrected my career on cruiser from 90-95 before my belly got the better of me...Im a chef - its a occupational hazard!!

Now driving my son around the country to race regionals/nationals etc in the 6's and keeping up the family tradition of "if you cant win - look good losing !!!"

Most endearing race memories;
Racing at Earls Court indoor @ The motorcycle show and being scared
Being next to Wayne Llewelyn on the gate at Folkestone and being even more scared!!
Winnie jumping the old slough doubles on my Hawk to prove it did leave the ground if you tried....
Dylan manuelling the entire rhythm section ot Tours 92 (I think)...before you could all do it !!
spending 16 hours on a coach to go to a Musselborough National for 3 motos !!
the list goes on...
Having a great time at pretty much every race I've been too...until I became a BMX dad!!

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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby emmdub » 03 Jan 2004, 15:10

Matt Wickham Age 33 , Raced for Rays Radicals (Milton Keynes) from 83-87. Best meeting was 86 Derby Stadium British Champs, hit the gate (dead last) came through to finish just behind Dale , if only for the gate !!. May be coming back in 04 on cruiser. Dale , got some pics from that race I'll try and get scanned and sent. email is mwickham@inspired-interiors.co.uk , hey Miles hope to see you soon when my back is sorted !. See ya.
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Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby mink » 13 Jan 2004, 18:11

Matt Wickham!!!! come back and race, would be great to see ya
Adam Richards 30years old
Raced from 83-87 same age group as the Flyin'Fox East Anglia region NBMXA in the summer, UKBMX winter. Rode for Hillingdon in the Gaywood Cup(still got the shirt) region 9. My dad used to race, Dave Richards was one of the top 25+(dad's race) cruiser riders in his day. Anyone remember Chilton Lions Club at Toddington???
Best race, or most remembered was Milton Keynes Bleakhall 82ish (1st race) and seeing Kev Riviera 360 the doubles,rad!
Made a comeback in 98 and raced a couple of full seasons 17+ and Masterclass, planning to get fit and race some nationals 04, watch out Fox!
:D adamrichards1@aol.com
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