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Re: Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby SpenceM » 08 Apr 2014, 14:11

Seem to have found this forum quite late - but then I always was last out of the gate!

Spencer Morse raced 85/86 seasons. Followed in the footsteps of my cousin Damian and my sister Kim (both younger than me).

First club was Folkestone Flyers then Burgess Hill Bombers after we moved to Sussex.

Probably the most consistent rider of my generation....................everyone beat me......................even the fat kid!

Forgotten the names of most of the people I raced against but one's I do remember are; Joe Eastwood, Jamie Staff and Anthony 'Flying' Fish (I remember the fat kids name too - must have deep psychological scars from that!). I also remember there was a kid one or two years younger than me who had a Shelby James frame and forks.

Memorable tracks include; Herne Bay - crashed in practice and then came 4th in all three motos and 4th in final. Found out the next day that I'd dislocated my shoulder in that crash; Shoreham (Adur Aces) - grabbed the holeshot in one moto and led from start to finish (rode the last berm like an absolute twat to stop the better/faster guy behind me from taking the lead - apologies I've forgotten your name, but I did take a fiver off your dad - see below); Harvington - with the electric start gate 'Riders ready watch the lights....', Sheerness (Isle of Sheppey) where the start straight was all downhill with a 90 degree left hand turn at the bottom, Bexhill Burners - six of us went down at the first speedjump. The meet was being recorded but when I put the tape (remember them?) in the VCR (remember them?) they'd edited the crash out! Burgess Hill Bombers - seemed like the longest track in the world and where I won my first trophy - managed to take the lead in the final straight in all 3 motos and the final (realised at the next meet that the 3 fastest guys at the club had all been involved in the other motos and then a first berm crash in the final!). Later in the season had a crash on the whoops before the second berm and it put me off jumping them for months. Finally jumped them again when my dad, and another rider's dad, each offered me a fiver to jump them. Back then a tenner was worth any amount of pain!

Went to a number of Nationals too, but mainly for my sister who was much more successful than me. Never made itt out of any motos. Remember Newcastle where it rained all weekend and a local builder turned up with a JCB to tow everyone off the site at the end of the meet. Wigan, where the ground was so hard that the tent pegs were snapping when you tried to hammer them in. The dad of a girl in my sister's age group lent me a PK Ripper for that race. It didn't have the Landing Gear forks on so it looked like a mini frame. He offered to sell it to us (with the Landing Gear forks) but my dad wouldn't buy it for me - probably worth a fortune now! I also remember Hounslow where there was a big police presence. They were encouraging everyone to have their bikes stamped with their postcode and me and my sister were made to have ours done. I'm pretty sure that later that day Jamie Staff, who'd recently joined SE Racing, had his bright yellow PK Ripper nicked from outside the team bus.
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Re: Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby JayWestwood » 12 Jun 2014, 13:35

Jay Westwood 74

I raced at Farnham ( sport centre ) then Sandy Hill... About 82-88
Was national Champ and my Twin Bro glen also raced. We were both sponsored by Suzuki

Raced with Dale Painter (darrens brother)

Local to Gosport so will go have a look in

Be awesome to hear from others I raced against :)
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Re: Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby JayWestwood » 12 Jun 2014, 13:48

Jay Westwood... I raced at Farnham (sports centre then at Sandy Hill ) 82-88 Have a twin bro who also raced
Both sponsored by Suzuki.. Did some filming with Andy Ruffell in 84 when I was 10..

Be awesome to hear from others who raced in that era

Am going to hit up Gosport to have a look :)
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Re: Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby ainsleypig » 24 Jul 2014, 21:55

Found this site after bumping into Phil Charnley at Glasto a few weeks back, have spent the time in between catching up on all things BMX and am now considering a comeback - proper mid-life!

Ainsley Callaghan. Raced out of the North East between 83-ish and 87-ish, initially for Johnsons Jets and then for CSC Racing (both local shop teams), and also on the National circuit in the same age group as Matt Boyle, Steve Cragg, Nicky Simms, Ben Beasley, Ben Bishop, James Morris and countless other great riders.

Quick nod to a few of the guys I used to race against locally: Andy Steele, Gary Hammond, Neil Tindle. And travel with: Allan Johnson, Claire Johnson, Lisa Wright, John Notman, John Longstaff, Jonny Miller - for Johnsons Jets; Gareth Blades & Peter Holland for CSC.

Was NE #1 plate for a number of years and peaked at #11 in the Nationals, my best result being a 3rd place at Hounslow in September '84 behind Darren Fryer & Dean Stabielli. In the Nationals, I often got to the Main but I often got taken out too!

Biggest regret is blitzing the Motos at the Slough Worlds but, in the next round (quarters??), easing up going into the final straight and being beaten into 5th on the line. Gutted!

If anyone remembers me, please get in touch as it'd be great to catch up.

Loving this thread, cracking walk down memory lane!
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Re: Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby PaulRobinson1973 » 23 Sep 2014, 16:45

Late to clock this one but just getting back into BMX now I have two sons.

Hi I'm Paul Robinson, now 41 and I raced 80 through to probably 84 (I can't actually remember when I packed in) out of Teesside (with my brother Steve, and Craig and Sean Rose, Jonny McKinney, Jonny Tucker etc)and then with BMX Weekly. Was in with some pretend racers like Frazer Campbell, Danny Stabielli, Paul Rey, Nathan Lunn, Alun Brookes and latterly Jamie Staff (Anyone know what happened to him?) and did ok at the time - No.1NE, 2nd at '83 Derby NBMXA nationals and 4th overall in the Euros after Birmingham and Dijon. Tended to race NBMXA more being northern so felt like I missed out on UKBMX rankings (best 5th I think?? Never ever won a national which still rankles to this day - was once taken out by a kid running out under me when creaming the field somewhere in Lincs in 83 or 84 ? Great times. Wish I could relive them again ! on the hunt for a cruiser to have a spin out in the +40s
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Re: Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby kazj56 » 20 Jun 2015, 21:48

Hi all,
stumbled on this place when trying to find out about clubs/bikes etc for my 6 year old.

Used to race for Roch Valley Raiders - 85/86 - was Kaz Whyatt back then. Used to come along with Albert (Chas/Charles) Whalley.

Recognise a few names :D
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Re: Who are the Old Schoolers

Postby kazj56 » 23 Jun 2015, 10:46

Hi all

Found you lot after looking for info now my little girl has started to ride.

Used to ride for Roch Valley Raiders - 84-86ish. Was Kaz Whyatt back then and used to come over with Albert (Chas/Charles) Whalley.

Recognise a few names here and remember going to Salford, Chorley, Crewe, Derby and Birmingham, possibly a few others but Ive since slept and had kids since then.

Back at RVR now with Erin and am tempted to have a go but hey we'll see
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