The true meaning of BMX

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We know what bicycle moto cross is but is this bmx to you?

no as they are stunt riders and not racers
yes as they are the soul of BMX
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Re: The true meaning of BMX

Postby JGoff » 05 Mar 2009, 18:17

Isn’t that the beauty of BMX it is exactly what you want it to be, if you want to race – then race, if you want to do freestyle – then do freestyle. No rules no preconceptions of what is right or wrong, just enjoy!!!!!

and this coming from someone that doesn't even ride any longer, but the spirit is still alive!
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Re: The true meaning of BMX

Postby Uncle Buck » 10 Mar 2009, 14:59

I think Neal Wood had it right when he would tell people he was "BMX Rider" as apposed to a BMX Racer..
BMX Time Lord.
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Re: The true meaning of BMX

Postby sinchy » 10 Nov 2013, 14:20

Think this is done. The post was before Stephens accident. Some great replies. Watch the videos again if you get a chance.
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